One week out…

The Louisiana Marathon weekend is next weekend, January 16 and 17.  My youngest brother and I are running the quarter and half.  To say we are grossly undertrained in an exaggeration.  He’s got no recorded miles, and I’ve done 18.3 miles so far this month.

Like 2015, when we ran in Bermuda, this will be more of a social event than a run.  Then again, it won’t be in the snow, so we got that going for us.

And here we go….

So, there I was, on #runchat, December 27, 2015,  Question 5:

Q5: What running goals did you miss this year?

and I replied: chickened out on running a full.

Well, that certainly got a response!  I got a number of positive replies in a matter of minutes, and replied a little later:

a5:OK, OK, OK – I signed up for a full in 2016. Who’s going to keep me (virtual) company on the training?

so, here’s a blog about me getting ready for the 2016 Kansas City Marathon, October 15, 2016.